Freitag, 28. Oktober 2016

What I believe.

"As a person who doesn't believe in religion, luck or superstition I believe in one thing. I believe that every second of my life is important and I should use every minute, hour, and day to reach something that is important for me. I will never know when my life ends and maybe tomorrow I will die. So I try to make every day the best day of my life.
When I decided to do an exchange year I did that the most because I wanted to reach something. I wanted to use this year to do what makes me happy. To learn a foreign language better, to find new friends, to wake up on the other side of the world and to live my life. Also if this year was sometimes hard for me and also if I was often sad, it is the best year of my life so far. I had to learn that I can't trust everybody and that some decisions are wrong but at the same time I grew on these challenges. To be here I had to spend a lot of my free time getting prepared and I had to give up a lot. Instead of having my family, friends, my horse and everything familiar around me I started a new life alone on an other continent. But I was willing to pay this "price". It was always my dream and I finally wanted to realize it. It makes me happy when my friends from home text me and just tell that they are doing well and that they miss me. It is just for one year that I left and nearly all of my friendships are older than 5 years, so they will probably survive this time. I am so glad that I am apparently important in their lives and that I have done nothing wrong in these friendships and that they didn't forget me. Also I am excited to see them again soon. It means that I didn't waste any time with these people. I use my lifetime so that I can become happy and it is important for me to spend this time with my favorite people and things. Now I am here and I realize that my life is a good one so far. And all of these efforts are totally worth it."

In meiner writing class sollten wir letztens einen Aufsatz darüber schreiben, woran wir glauben. Bei mir ist dann dieser Text rausgekommen und irgendwie wollte ich den gerne teilen.


  1. Hallo Martha,

    ich verfolge deinen blog schon länger und finde es schade, dass er vergleichsweise wenig Beachtung findet. Aber dann lasse ich mal ein Kommentar da.

    Also erstmal muss ich sagen, dass dieser Text sehr gelungen ist, ich finde ihn echt schön.
    Weiterführend habe ich aber noch eine Frage. Kannst du ein kleines Zwischenfazit ziehen? Was war bis jetzt das schönste und was gab es für Rückschläge, oder was waren deine größten Probleme?

    1. Hey, danke fuer deinen Kommentar ich hab mich da sehr drueber gefreut! Ich habe gestern auch ein Zwischenfazit hochgeladen. Ich hoffe dir gefaellt es.;)